Abdelaleim El Sayed: Publikationen

El Sayed, A; Komor, E: Quantitative analysis of transcripts of the Open Reading Frames of Sugarcane Yellow Leaf Virus genome by One- multiplex RT-PCR: Evidence for a high transcript level of suppressor gene in sink leaves., Journal of Phytopathology(161), 774-783 (2013)
El Sayed, A; Weig, A; Sariyeva, G; Hummel, E; Shih-Long, Y; Bertolini, A; Komor, E: Assimilate export inhibition in Sugarcane yellow leaf virus-infected sugarcane is not due to less transcripts for sucrose transporters and sucrose-phosphate synthase or to callose deposition in sieve plates., Plant Pathology(81), 64-73 (2013)