Ewald Komor: Projects

Completed Projects

  • Natural Compounds an d other Signals in Insects (Grako 678)
    Susanne Bauer, Ewald Komor [Details]

Projects from other divisions

Completed Projects

  • Control of physiological adaptations to modified ecological conditions by endocrine signals in aphids (Grako678 A3)
    Matthias W. Lorenz, Klaus H. Hoffmann, Ewald Komor, Willi Seifert, Matthias W. Lorenz [Details]

  • Influence of different fertilization regimes on the composition of the phloem sap of tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L.) in the context of aphids´ feeding preference (Grako678 C3)
    Ewald Komor, Karlheinz Seifert, Wolfgang Völkl, Matthias W. Lorenz [Details]

  • Senescence in plants (Forschergruppe)
    Alfons Weig, Ewald Komor [Details]

  • Components of phloem sap (EU-TEMPUS)
    Judit Misch, Alfons Weig, Ewald Komor [Details]