Paul Ziegler: Publikationen

-- 2015 --
Souza Canada, ED; Fettig, S; Ziegler, P; Beck, E: Transformation of an Argentine spring wheat genotype: optimization of the protocols for particle bombardment of excised immature embryos and rapid isolation of transgenic plants., BAG J. basic appl. genet, 26(1), 18-37 (2015)

-- 2007 --
Reimann, R; Ziegler, P; Appenroth, K-J: The binding of alpha-amylase to starch plays a decisive role in the initiation of storage starch degradation in turions of Spirodela polyrhiza, Physiologia Plantarum, 129, 334-341 (2007)

-- 2004 --
Schupp, N; Ziegler, P: The relation of starch phosphorylases to starch metabolism in wheat, Plant & Cell Physiology, 45(10), 1471-1484 (2004)

-- 2002 --
Zemanova, L; Peter-Katalinic, J; Konig, S; Wagner, G; Ziegler, P: Post-translational N- and C-terminal processing in the development of wheat leaf beta-amylase polymorphism from an hitherto undetected primary gene product, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 40, 101-109 (2002)

-- 1999 --
Wagner, G; Zemanova, L; Häger, K-P; Ziegler, P: The major beta-amylase isoforms of wheat leaves correspond to one of two ubiquitously expressed beta-amylase genes, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 37, 515-530 (1999)
Ziegler, P: Cereal beta-amylases, Journal of Cereal Science, 29, 195-204 (1999)

-- 1998 --
Ziegler, P: Environmental strains and stress responses in plants in in: Greppin, H.;Degli Agosti, R.;Penel, C.: The Co-Action between Living Systems and the Planet, University of Geneva, Geneva, 67-100 (1998)

-- 1997 --
Ziegler, P; Loos, K; Wagner, G: Posttranslational origin of wheat leaf beta-amylase polymorphism, Journal of Plant Physiology, 150, 537-545 (1997)

-- 1996 --
Wagner, G; Häger, K-P; Ziegler, P: Nucleotide sequence of a cDNA from wheat leaves encoding ubiquitous beta-amylase (accession no. X98504)(Plant Gene Register 96-123), Plant Physiology, 112, 1735-1736 (1996)

-- 1995 --
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Ziegler, P: Carbohydrate degradation during germination in in: Kigel, J.;Galili, G.: Seed Development and Germination, M. Dekker, New York/Basel/Hong Kong, 447-474 (1995)

-- 1994 --
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-- 1993 --
Paul, MJ; Loos, K; Stitt, M; Ziegler, P: Starch-degrading enzymes during the induction of CAM in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, Plant, Cell and Environment, 16, 531-538 (1993)

-- 1991 --
Ziegler, P: Starch metabolism in plants: an overview in Bonnemain, J.L.;Delrot, S.;Lucas, W.J.;Dainty, J.: Recent Advances in Phloem Transport and Assimilation, Ouest Editions, Nantes, 196-203 (1991)

-- 1990 --
Ziegler, P: Specific determination of starch hydrolyzing enzyme activities of leaves, Journal of Plant Physiology, 136, 580-586 (1990)

-- 1989 --
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-- 1988 --
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Ziegler, P: Partial purification and characterization of the major endoamylase of mature pea leaves, Plant Physiology, 86, 659-666 (1988)

-- 1987 --
Ashton, AR; Ziegler, P: Lack of effect of the photosystem-II-based herbicides diuron and atrazine on growth of photoheterotrophic Chenopodium rubrum cells at concentrations inhibiting photoautotrophic growth of these cells, Plant Science, 51, 269-276 (1987)
Ziegler, P; Ashton, AR: Effect of the photosynthetic herbicides DCMU and atrazine on the growth of photoautotrophic and photoheterotrophic cell suspension cultures of Chenopodium rubrum in Biggins, J.: Progress in Photosynthesis Research, Vol. III, M. Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, 803-806 (1987)

-- 1986 --
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-- 1985 --
Schulze, ED; Beck, E; Scheibe, R; Ziegler, P: Carbon dioxide assimilation and stomatal response of afroalpine giant rosette plants, Oecologia, 65, 207-213 (1985) [Link] -- Details

-- 1984 --
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Ludwig, I; Ziegler, P; Beck, E: Purification and properties of spinach leaf debranching enzyme, Plant Physiology, 74, 856-861 (1984), doi:10.1104/pp.74.4.856 -- Details

-- 1980 --
Ziegler, P; Kandler, O: Tonoplast stability as a critical factor in frost injury and hardening of spruce (Picea abies L. Karst) needles, Zeitschrift für Pflanzenphysiologie, 99, 393-410 (1980)

-- 1979 --
Kandler, O; Dover, C; Ziegler, P: Kälteresistenz der Fichte. 1. Steuerung von Kälteresistenz, Kohlenhydrat- und Proteinstoffwechsel durch Photoperiode und Temperatur, Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft, 92, 225-241 (1979)