Köhler, J; Fritz, E; Orlich, G; Komor, E: Microautoradiographic studies of the role of mesophyll and bundle tissues of the ricinus cotyledon in sucrose uptake, Planta, 183, 251-257 (1991)
The aim of the study was to show which tissues and cell types of the cotyledon of Ricinus communis L. are responsible for uptake of sucrose by H+ -sucrose symport. The cotyledons were incubated in labelled sucrose for up to 20 min and then the amount of radioactivity in each cell type of the cotyledon was assessed by microautoradiography. It was found that 50% of the label was present in the spongy mesophyll, and 10-15% was in the bundles, the epidermal layers and the palisade parenchyma. The sieve tubes contained only 2-3% of the label. The addition of sucrose to cotyledons depolarized the membrane of spongy-mesophyll cells by 33 mV. Therefore, it was concluded that the previously found H+-sucrose symport is at least partly located at the spongy mesophyll. No precursor-like behaviour of the label in mesophyll or bundle-sheath cells was observed in pulse-chase experiments, which indicates a direct uptake of sucrose by the sieve tube-companion cell complex from the apoplast.

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