Dynamik und Regulation einzelner Aquaglyceroporine aus Arabidopsis thaliana unter Sauerstoffmangel

DFG We1680/7

From 06/2003 to 12/2005

Principal Investigator: Alfons Weig
Staff: Christiane Jakob, Yvonne Ittner

Plant growth is dependent on different environmental factors. A very important abiotic factor is flooding which causes hypoxia and even anoxia. Although many plant species are resistant to this stress (flooding resistant species) because they have evolved morphological and physiological adaptations, many other plants (including many of our crop plants) are only tolerant or even very sensitive to this stress (flooding tolerant and sensitive species). Metabolic responses in the hypoxic response are the production of lactate and ethanol, but also of glycerol. Because a specific aquaglyceroporin is induced under hypoxic condtitions, we want to investigate whether this solute channel is involved in the allocation of glycerol under hypoxia.

This project is part of the SPP 1108, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Homepage: http://www.biologie.uni-erlangen.de/mpp/spp.shtml

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