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Publications of the year 2022

Ambros, S; Kotewitsch, M; Wittig, PR; Bammer, B; Mustroph, A: Transcriptional Response of Two Brassica napus Cultivars to Short-Term Hypoxia in the Root Zone, Frontiers in Plant Science (2022), doi:https://doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2022.897673
Assunção, AGL; Cakmak, I; Clemens, S; González-Guerrero, M; Nawrocki, A; Thomine, S: Micronutrient homeostasis in plants for more sustainable agriculture and healthier human nutrition., J. Experimental Botany (2022), doi:10.1093/jxb/erac014 -- Details
Beck, E: Post Nagoya Protocol Experiences of Basic Research in Ecuador., , . In: Chege Kamau, E. (eds) Global Transformations in the Use of Biodiversity for Research and Development. Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice, vol 95 (2022), doi:10.1007/978-3-030-88711-7_17
Clemens, S: CRISPR/Cas als neue Chance der Gentechnik für Lebensmittel., Zeitschrift für Lebensmittelrecht (2022)
Liu, X; Ju, Y; Mandzhieva, S; Pinskii, D; Minkina, T; Rajput, VD; Roane, T; Huang, S; Li, Y; Ma, LQ; Clemens, S; Rensing, C: Sporadic Pb accumulation by plants: influence of soil biogeochemistry, microbial community and physiological mechanisms, Journal of hazardous materials, Elsevier (2022), doi:10.1016/j.jhazmat.2022.130391 -- Details
Nyarko, AK; Bräuning, A; Alvarado Chamba, JA; Beck, E; Pucha Cofrep, DA: Geostatistical analyses reveal topographic influence on stable isotope ratios in tree rings., Tabebuia Bulletin(9), 18-40 (2022), doi:10.5678/9xq8-jy86
Pischke, E; Barozzi, F; Colina Blanco, A; Kerl, C; Planer-Friedrich, B; Clemens, S: Dimethylmonothioarsenate (DMMTA) is highly toxic for plants and readily translocated to shoots., Environmental Science & Technology (2022), doi:10.1021/acs.est.2c01206 -- Details
Planer-Friedrich, B; Kerl, C; Colina Blanco, A; Clemens, S: Dimethylated thioarsenates - a potentially dangerous blind spot in current worldwide regulatory limits for arsenic in rice., Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, American Chemical Society (2022), doi:10.1021/acs.jafc.2c02425 -- Details

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