Natural Compounds an d other Signals in Insects

Grako 678

From 01/1999 to 12/2007

Principal Investigator: Ewald Komor
Staff: Susanne Bauer

Dynamic processes in biotic nature are maintained particularly by physical and chemical communication. Optical, acoustical and in particular chemical signalling represents an ubiquitous and universal feature of living organisms. Chemical signals control the interactions of cells and organs, but also the intra- and interspecific relationships between organisms in their environment. Our Graduate Programme aims at the identification of natural compounds as signals produced by insects and plants and at the elucidation of their mechanisms of action. We further will provide our students a comprehensive understanding of the physiological processes of chemical signalling at the molecular, cellular and organismical levels. The close co-operation between biologists and organic chemists will help us in that specific respect. The research program is accompanied by a study program, particularly developed for the Graduate College that includes training in modern biological and chemical methodology, special colloquia, seminars and workshops.

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