Hemp, A: Christella parasitica - a new fern for Kenya, The Journal of East African Natural History, 101(2), 251-252 (2012)
Kakamega Forest is located in Western Province of Kenya about 40 km northwest of Lake Victoria. It is an island of disturbed forest in a densely populated area at an altitude of about 1600-1700 m. Kakamega Forest is famous because of its interesting biogeographical transitional position between the Guineo-Congolian lowland forests and the Afromontane forests (White, 1983; Beentje, 1990). It harbours 986 vascular plant species, including 81 pteridophytes (Fischer et al., 2010). While visiting Kakamega Forest in July 2007 Christella parasitica, a fern not yet recorded for Kakamega (Fischer et al., 2010) and Kenya (Faden, 1994; Verdcourt, 2006) was found. In this communication its habitat and ecological demands are described and biogeographical implications discussed. The taxonomy follows Verdcourt (2006).

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