Köckenberger, W; Pope, JM; Xia, Y; Jeffrey, KR; Komor, E; Callaghan, PT: A non-invasive measurement of phloem and xylem water flow in castor bean seedlings by nuclear magnetic resonance microimaging, Planta, 201, 53-63 (1997)
A flow-sensitive nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) microimaging technique was applied to measure directly the in-vivo water flow in 6-d-old castor bean seedlings. The achieved in-plane resolution of the technique allowed discrimination between xylem and phloem water flow. Both the xylem- and the phloem-average flow velocities in the intact seedling could be quantified. Furthermore, the total conductive cross-sectional area of the xylem vessels and the phloem sieve elements could be determined using the non-invasive and non-destructive NMR microimaging technique. Hence, it was possible to calculate the in-vivo volume flow rates for both xylem and phloem water How. Our non-destructive technique showed that previously used methods to measure phloem water flow affected the flow rate itself. In the intact seedlings we found values of 16.6 mu l . h(-1), two fold lower than those previously estimated from phloem exudation rates. Finally, our results demonstrate for the first time that water is internally circulated between phloem and xylem, and that water flow within the xylem is maintained by this internally circulated water, even in the absence of any significant transpiration or evaporation.

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