Metzler, A; Izquierdo, M; Ziegler, A; Köckenberger, W; Komor, E; von Kienlin, M; Haase, A; Decorps, M: Plant histochemistry by correlation peak imaging, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 92, 11912-11915 (1995)
Using a new NMR correlation-peak imaging technique, we were able to investigate noninvasively the spatial distribution of carbohydrates and amino acids in the hypocotyl of castor bean seedlings. In addition to the expected high sucrose concentration in the phloem area of the vascular bundles, we could also observe high levels of sucrose in the cortex parenchyma, but low levels in the pith parenchyma. In contrast, the glucose concentration was found to be loner in the cortex parenchyma than in the pith parenchyma. Glutamine and/or glutamate was detected in the cortex parenchyma and in the vascular bundles. Lysine and arginine were mainly visible in the vascular bundles, whereas valine was observed in the cortex parenchyma, but not in the vascular bundles. Although the physiological significance of these metabolite distribution patterns is not known, they demonstrate the potential of spectroscopic NMR imaging to study noninvasively the physiology and spatial metabolic heterogeneity of living plants.

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