Preisser, J; Komor, E: Sucrose uptake into vacuoles of sugarcane suspension cells, Planta, 186, 109-114 (1991)
Uptake of sucrose into vacuoles of suspension cells of Saccharum sp. (sugarcane) was investigated using a vacuole-isolation method based on osmotic- and pH-dependent lysis of protoplasts. Vacuoles took up sucrose at high rates without the influence of tonoplast energization on sucrose transport. Neither addition of ATP or pyrophosphate nor dissipation of the membrane potential or the pH gradient by ionophores changed uptake rates appreciably. Generation of an ATP-dependent pH gradient across the tonoplast was measured in vacuoles and tonoplast vesicles by fluorescence quenching of quinacrine. No H+ efflux could be measured by addition of sucrose to energized vacuoles or vesicles so that there was no evidence for a sucrose/H+ antiport system. Up-take rates of glucose and other sugars were similar to those of sucrose indicating a relatively non-specific sugar uptake into the vacuoles. Sucrose uptake was concentration-dependent, but no clear saturation kinetics were found. Strict dependence on medium pH and inhibition of sucrose transport by p-chloromercuriphenylsulfonic acid (PCMBS) indicate that sucrose uptake into sugarcane vacuoles is a passive, carrier-mediated process.

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