Expression profiling of aquaglyceroporins


From 10/2000 to 04/2001

Principal Investigator: Alfons Weig

In December 2000 the first complete genome of a higher plant (Arabidopsis thaliana, engl. thale cress) has been published in Nature. The knowledge of all Arabidopsis genes makes it possible to elucidate the role of certain genes or gene families e.g. under stress conditions. The targets of our investigations are the so-called aquaglyceroporins (integral membrane proteins which facilitate the permeation of water and glycerol across the lipid bilayer). These proteins are mainly expressed in root cells. By using the DNA chip technology (DNA microarrays) we want to investigate whether some of these genes are involved e.g. in oxygen stress adaptation.

Homepage: http://www.bacatec.de

List of publications of this Project

Johanson, U; Karlsson, M; Johansson, I; Gustavsson, S; Sjövall, S; Fraysse, F; Weig, A R; Kjellbom, P: The complete set of genes encoding major intrinsic proteins in Arabidopsis provides a framework for a new nomenclature for major intrinsic proteins in plants, Plant Physiology, 126, 1358-1369 (2001), doi:10.1104/pp.126.4.1358 -- Details

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