Natalia Hess: Publications

Uraguchi, S; Sone, Y; Ohta, Y; Ohkama-Ohtsu, N; Hofmann, C; Hess, N; Nakamura, R; Takanezawa, Y; Clemens, S; Kiyono, M: Identification of C-terminal regions in Arabidopsis thaliana phytochelatin synthase 1 specifically involved in activation by arsenite., Plant Cell Physiol., 59, 500-509 (2018), doi:10.1093/pcp/pcx204 -- Details
Mustroph, A; Hess, N; Sasidharan, R: Hypoxic energy metabolism and PPi as an alternative energy currency, Plant Cell Monographs, Low-Oxygen Stress in Plants, Springer-Verlag Wien, 21, 165-184 (2014), doi:10.1007/978-3-7091-1254-0_9
Mustroph, A; Stock, J; Hess, N; Aldous, S; Dreilich, A; Grimm, B: Characterization of the phosphofructokinase gene family in rice and its expression under oxygen deficiency stress, Frontiers Plant Science, 4, 125 (2013), doi:10.3389/fpls.2013.00125